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Our DJ’ing course is a program designed to teach individuals how to DJ or create music mixes using turntables, CD players, or digital DJ software. The mixing course typically covers various topics such as the fundamentals of sound, mixing tools and techniques, equalization, compression, reverb, delay, and stereo imaging.
  • Preparing your DJ set

  • Keep an eye out for red lights on your mixer

  • Learn harmonic mixing, or mixing in key

  • Learn how to work with FX

  • Learn How To Use The EQ In Your Mixer

  • Make music on your own

By completing a keyboard course, individuals can pursue careers as professional musicians, keyboardists, or music producers, or simply enjoy playing music as a hobby or creative outlet. The vocals course typically covers a range of topics, including proper breathing and posture, vocal warm-ups and exercises, pitch and tone control, musical interpretation, and performance techniques.
  • Piano lessons
  • Vocal coaching
  • Live performance

FDS Educational Services music lesson are challenging, engaging, and enjoyable, providing student with tools and guidance needed to progress as a musician.
  • Ear training

  • Production techniques (beat making)

  • Artist development

  • Writing workshops

  • Music business

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